Biodiesel3 Plant on Google Map

J-Park Simulator: 

Biodiesel3 Plant on Google Map

Biodiesel plant chemical process model combined with the electrical aspect domain based on Ibris Biodiesel plant process flowsheet in Jurong Island.

? This agent combines both the chemical process and electrical aspects of a biodiesel plant. The chemical process of the biodiesel plant involves converting palm oil and methanol into biodiesel and glycerol.

The biodiesel plant consists of equipment such as pumps, blowers, heat exchangers, reactors, vessels, valves, mixers and distillation columns. To reduce the computation time for the simulation, a surrogate model was developed for the biodiesel plant.

Upon clicking on the individual icon, a pop-up window containing the information about the selected component will appear. The user can modify the values of E-301 (highlighted in yellow) process stream’s temperature (V_Temperature_3-1) and molar flow rate (V_molarF_3-1) and execute the simulation to determine the impacts of the modifications.

The expected electrical domain aspects to be impacted due to changing of the chemical domain aspects (E-301 process stream’s temperature and molar flow rate) are the electricity consumption (heat duty) and voltage angle of the reactors (R-301 and R-302).

Increasing either E-301 process stream’s temperature or molar flow rate will result in an increase in reactors’ (R-301 and R-302) electricity consumption (heat duty) and a decrease in the voltage angle.