J-Park Simulator: 

2D visualization of pollutants in harbor

? This agent considers the effect of surrounding buildings and weather data for simulation of atmospheric dispersion for some emission sources (ships represented by black ship symbols).
The effects of real-time weather data (sourced from on atmospheric dispersion are simulated and visualised in the dispersion profile. The weather data is updated every time the agent is executed.
The user can modify the area of interest between Singapore and Hong Kong by selecting from the dropdown list and executing the simulation to determine the corresponding dispersion profile.
The emission sources have emission heights of 20 m represents the height of the emission chimney tower for every ships.
The selected region has to be inline with the wind direction in order for the dispersion profile to be displayed. The dispersion profile can be viewed at a height of 10 m to 590 m by moving the slider on the left.

Height (m)

(ug/m3 )