Semakau Simulator

Photovoltaic farm model on Semakau Island as a part of grid network basing on real-time solar irradiation data in Singapore which updates itself every 5 minutes.

The data is sourced from


Solar Irradiation (W/m2)


PVfarm1_ActualPhaseAngle (degree)
Actual phase angle is a parameter to determine how well connected is the bus with the slack (reference) bus.It is more stable if the value is smaller.
PVfarm1_ActualVoltage (V)
Actual voltage is a parameter to show the real value of the bus(PV farm1) voltage level.
PVfarm1_ActualActivePower (MW)
Actual active power is a parameter to show the real power value that is functional for generating work.
PVfarm1_ActualReactivePower (Mvar)
Actual reactive power is a parameter to show the imaginary power value that transfers no net energy to load.