? Jurong Island’s electrical, power and grid models are reverse-engineered with assumptions. This agent allows the simulation of Power Flow (PF) and Optimal Power Flow (OPF) analysis. The coloured lines represent the transmission lines in the electrical network that connect buses which are represented by the red points. Different coloured transmission lines represent different voltage levels: pink represents 230 kV, purple represents 66 kV and black represents 22kV.

The arrow indicates the direction of the current flow from one bus to another within the network. Upon clicking on the load icon (red point), a pop-up window containing the information about the selected component will appear (click on the >). The user can modify the value of the input parameters (parameters without (updated)) and execute the simulation (PF or OPF) to determine the corresponding network profile. Optimal Power Flow is used to determine the best operating levels for power generators in order to meet demands given throughout a transmission network with the objective of minimising the operating cost for the power generators.

Electrical Network