? This agent considers the effect of surrounding buildings and weather data for simulation of atmospheric dispersion for an emission source (black building).

The pollutants in the emission source are CO2, CO and unburned hydrocarbon. The pollutants emission rate has been arbitrarily assigned as 446 g/s for CO, 1970 g/s for CO2 and 803 g/s for unburned hydrocarbon.

The effects of the closest 25 buildings from the emission source within the selected region and real-time weather data (sourced from https://www.accuweather.com/en/nl/the-hague/251687/weather-forecast/251687) on atmospheric dispersion are simulated and visualised in the dispersion profile. The weather data is updated every time the agent is executed.

The user can modify the area of interest between Den Haag and Berlin by selecting from the dropdown list and executing the simulation to determine the corresponding dispersion profile.
The emission source in Den Haag was chosen as the Uniper Stadcentrale Den Haag plant, while the emission source in Berlin was chosen as the Heizkraftwerk Mitte plant.
The emission sources have emission heights of 83.6 m in the Den Haag scenario and 99.3 m in the Berlin scenario respectively.

The user can also select the region to focus on for the dispersion profile computation by modifying the coordinates of interest (X lower, X upper, Y lower and Y upper values in coordinate reference system Amersfoort RD New (epsg:28992)).
It is recommended that the selected region approximates a square with length of minimum 400 m.

The selected region has to be inline with the wind direction in order for the dispersion profile to be displayed. The dispersion profile can be viewed at a height of 0 m to 30 m by moving the slider on the left.

The user can also choose to view the different pollutants’ dispersion profiles by selecting the listed pollutants. The user should reload the agent before modifying the coordinates of interest. The recommended region for the Den Haag scenario is between 79173.323 and 80199.621 for X and between 454193.456 and 455030.337 for Y.