? The 3D visualisation of the building in which the CARES Lab is located is shown in green. Upon clicking on the building, the floor plan of the CARES Lab is shown. The fan coil unit, variable air volume, temperature, differential pressure and relative humidity sensors and their relative positions within the CARES Lab are indicated in the floor plan.

For example, from the layout, we can see that VAV-E7-14 is the variable air volume unit associated with the fumehood WFH-06. Upon clicking on VAV-E7-14, we can find out the VAV-E7-14 components: an air flow and a damper status sensor. We can also view the time series data associated with the individual sensor. The time series data is a collection of real-time data from the CARES Lab BMS with their time stamp and units of measurement indicated. The BMS data is updated once every two minutes.

The computer that processes and stores the CARES Lab BMS data is physically located in the CARES Lab – JPS is able to store data in a decentralised manner.

CARES Lab BMS Layout

Real time data from CARES Lab BMS(Building Management System) which updates itself every 3 minutes.